Driving by Schenectady,New York

Date : 6/19/2017 3:55:40 PM
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Trash City - Schenectady

Date : 5/14/2015 7:59:42 AM
Lower Broadway.

Schenectady - Teaser [HD] - Official Trailer (201...

Date : 10/21/2016 9:09:33 PM
The city of Schenectady, New York has a very historic and interesting history. This film examines what caused the decline of Schenectady and how the city has ...

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Schenectady, NY: Home of Aneesa Waheed | Aneesa W...

Date : 8/15/2018 6:25:47 PM
Self-starter Aneesa Waheed talks through the chances and choice that eventually brought her back to Schenectady, NY where she oversees a vast and growing ...

Best Restaurants and Places to Eat in Schenectady...

Date : 7/18/2019 11:25:55 AM
Schenectady Food Guide. MUST WATCH. We have sorted the list of Best Restaurant in Schenectady for you. Using this list you can try Best Local Food in ...

Taylor Does SummerNight 2018 in Schenectady

Date : 7/18/2018 11:33:11 PM
We set out to find out whether or not Schenectady is making a comeback.

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Autumn View in Schenectady by Driving Around

Date : 11/11/2018 7:00:00 PM
This video is about driving around Schenectady. Schenectady is a city in Schenectady County, New York State. The name "Schenectady" is derived from a ...

Welcome to Schenectady, NY!

Date : 4/19/2018 4:47:03 AM
If you've been to Schenectady, NY and didn't create a montage, did you really go?

Businesses Are Failing in Schenectady's Neigh...

Date : 9/13/2015 5:59:31 PM
Schenectady Business's Closing Due To Quality Of Life Problems. Many of the customers who once came to The GooseHill Barbershop do not want to come into ...

2502 Campbell Ave Schenectady NY

Date : 9/11/2018 8:30:37 PM

Live Work Stay Play - Schenectady

Date : 12/6/2017 3:28:31 PM
Mohawk Harbor is the destination the Capital Region has been waiting for. The $480 million development is the first of its kind in Upstate New York and creates ...

A Tour of Schenectady, NY

Date : 7/16/2012 2:09:11 AM

Spooky Schenectady Crackhouse

Date : 6/12/2015 10:49:44 AM
This is an active Crackhouse in Schenectady New York.

Schenectady Ghetto Housing

Date : 7/17/2012 2:10:29 PM
'Restore America' Series - Schenectady, New York - Decline of housing within the city.

SUNY Schenectady 50th Anniversary

Date : 7/8/2019 9:13:47 PM
SUNY Schenectady celebrates 50 years of serving our community during 2019-2020. This poignant video reflects on the legacy of those who founded the ...

The Sights Of Downtown Schenectady, NY Part 1

Date : 8/5/2011 5:57:54 AM
Rennell Reed takes you through Downtown Schenectady, NY. We start at the corner of State St. & Erie Blvd. State St & Clinton Schenectady City Mission ...

Schenectady Air National Guard Touch And Gos

Date : 3/22/2019 2:26:26 AM
Click to subscribe! http://bit.ly/subAIRBOYD An LC-130H Hercules 73-3300 does touch-and-gos at Westover today. The Schenectady Air National Guard C-130 ...

Schenectady High School 2018 Graduation

Date : 6/22/2018 5:57:29 PM

Schenectady High School Graduation 2019

Date : 6/26/2019 6:44:15 PM
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The Sights Of Downtown Schenectady, NY Part 3

Date : 3/27/2012 8:12:40 AM
Sightseeinginschenectady The Sights Of Downtown Schenectady, NY Part 3: The Ultamate Schenectady video! Welcome to Part 3 of The Sights Of Downtown ...